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Zeinab Jaafar

Focus regions: 
Arabic, French, English, Dutch

Contact Zeinab Jaafar for your legal questions and disputes concerning Lebanse Law, European Law and all aspects of law related to real estate, sale, commercial cooperation, trade, e-commerce, distribution, franchise and investment projects in Lebanon

Zeinab Jaafar holds a Law degree from the Saint-Joseph’s University in Beirut, Lebanon. She followed specialized courses in European Information and communications law, European and Comparative Discrimination Law and Institutional Law of The European Union at the University of Antwerp.

She gained broad knowledge as a multidisciplinary attorney-at-Law in Lebanon where she specialized in the different areas of civil law as well as conciliation, mediation and arbitration. Zeinab is a member of the Lebanese Bar Association.

Her extensive language skills, her experience and knowledge of the legal, economic and social relationships of Lebanon and the Arab speaking countries make her the ideal contact person in advising individuals and investors on Lebanese and Arab countries related matters.

As the legal system of Lebanon has roots in the French law and system, Zeinab has expertise and knowledge of French law and has the ability to understand and identify the legal hurdles for investors to and from Lebanon and the Arab speaking countries.

At A-Law Attorneys, Zeinab is part of A-Law international department where she is responsible for the French, Lebanese and Middle East.

For corporate law, trade law, e-commerce law,  distribution law, franchise and investment law in Lebanon she forms a team with Attorney-at-law managing partner Patricia Leers.

E-commerce law as part of International trade law constitutes one of Zeinab's areas of preference and keen interest.  She followed a high level course on e-commerce law.

For debt recovery law in Lebanon, Middle East, traffic law, and insurance law Zeinab cooperates with Managing partner Dirk De Beule. 

For more information on investing in Lebanon and the Middle East, read Zeinab's article Etude globale sur l’ Investissement au Moyen Orient.

Education and training: 
  • Master in International Private Law, Saint-Joseph University, Lebanon
  • Master in Law, Saint-Joseph University, Lebanon .
  • European Information and communications law, University if Antwerp
  • European and Comparative Discrimination Law, University if Antwerp
  • Institutional Law of The European Union, University if Antwerp
Areas of preference: 
  • International Private Law
  • e-commerce
  • French Law
  • Libanese Law
  • International Contract Law
  • Civil Law
  • Contract Law
  • Corporate Law
  • Mediation, Conciliation, Negotiation

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