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Debt collection and Compensation

Debt recovery is more than sending a letter of default.

A-Law attorneys makes the difference in the world of debt recovery.

Challenge your legal budget and nominate A-Law attorneys your professional debt recovery partner

Debt recovery demands high end expertise of the applicable law and the selection from the start of the right and available procedural tool.

Initiation and follow-up of Belgian, European and international debt collection and exequatur procedures for recovery of receivables, loans and other borrowings, unpaid invoices, liability claims and damage compensation need A-LAW attorneys expertise and hands-on experience in business and law. 

Referential are A-LAW’s Managing Partner Dirk De Beule’s text books on the European order of payment, his key expertise in personal injury evaluation and  traffic law, and Managing Partner Patricia Leers’ past career in the insurance industry.

The term recoveries comprehends the actions and proceedings instituted by patients, insurance takers (individuals and companies), traffic and accident victims, prejudiced third parties, authorities, associations, against the liable party or parties and the insurance companies or vice versa.

Credit insurers, businesses and individuals can count on A-LAW lawyers Belgium for all local and international issues concerning recoveries: primary obligations like unpaid bills; recoveries for compensation of damages and/ or losses under contract or on extra contractual basis; direct or indirect damage (physical and/or moral) and so on.

A-Law attorneys provides legal research, due diligence, legal advisory, regulatory compliance, mediation and litigation services for all forms of recoveries, debt collection and compensation in Belgium, Europe and international markets in matters of:                                   

  • Order of payment and exequatur  
  • Debt collection
  • Compensation for damage and loss
  • Liability law                      
  • Traffic law                      
  • Medical law                      
  • Judicial law             
  • Insurance law                
  • Other

For accurate and efficient debt recovery.

Contact our debt recovery department and challenge your legal budget.

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