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Contact Managing Partner Patricia Leers directly with your legal queries relating to Asia and the Middle East. 

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Patricia Leers heads the International Team at A-LAW INTERNATIONAL LAW FIRM and oversees the firm's offices in Shanghai, China and Hanoi, Vietnam.

Why trade with or invest in Asia and the Middle East?

Antwerp is known globally as an European distribution hub, due to its excellent connectivity with both overseas destinations and continental Europe. Its strategic location is close to the principal European production and consumption centres.  

This interconnectivity gives Antwerp potential to become a major strategic partner in the development of the “One Belt One Road” development strategy launched by China in 2013. This project aims to create a “New Silk Road” linking Europe and the Middle East with the economic centers of China and other countries in South-East Asia and around the Indian Ocean (Eurasia).          

From a legal point of view it is useful to know that many Asian countries share a substantial heritage with European law, whilst keeping their own distinct identity. Legal systems in Asia and the Middle East are also undergoing rapid change. A brief glance across the Asia and Middle East region reflects the complex interrelationship between European, Asian and Middle Eastern laws. 

  • The German Civil Code has been highly influential for most oriental legal systems including the Turkish legal system.
  • Lebanon's legal system is modeled on the French legal system. 
  • Chinese law reflects influences from German civil law, English common law via Hong Kong, USSR Socialist law, United States-style banking and securities law, and traditional Chinese law.
  • In India, and other Asian members of the Commonwealth, English common law forms the basis of private law.  
  • Vietnamese law is based on communist legal theory and French civil (codified) law, and has undertaken legal reforms to enhance international competitiveness in light of Vietnam's Free Trade Agreement with the European Union and membership in the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement. Click here to read a 2015 article co-authored by Managing Partner Patricia Leers on EU-Vietnam relations. 

The existence of civil law and common law systems across Asia and the Middle East demands expertise in both types of systems. Additionally, business and law should be practised taking into account cultural differences and local sensitivities. A-LAW INTERNATIONAL LAW FIRM and its international team of lawyers can offer clients expertise from jurisdictions including Cambodia, China, India, Iraq, Iran, Kazakhstan, Laos, Lebanon, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam.

A-LAW INTERNATIONAL LAW FIRM is headquartered in Antwerp, Belgium and strongly believes in the importance of cultural differences in the world of business and law.

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