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Sale, commercial cooperation, trade, distribution, agency and franchise

Selecting a sale, trade, distribution, concession, agency or franchise channel is part of each new market entry strategy and deserves careful consideration. Individuals and companies can rely on A-LAW attorneys for Belgian, European and international legal advice, legal review, regulatory compliance concerning sale and trade law, commercial law, agency law, distribution law and franchise law.

We believe that successful trade is based on a well organised structure where the interests of the parties involved are equally represented. The more uniform the contractual framework, the more valuable the distribution, agency or franchise channel may become when compliant with Belgian, national, european and international legislation and regulations including competition law.

The sustainable success of an exporter depends to a large extend on selecting the best-suited trade channel for his product or service.

The methods of entering a distant market include:

  • Direct export
  • Nominate a foreign salesagent or commercial agent or representative
  • Nominate a foreign distributor to buy and on-sell to local customers, selective or exclusive
  • Nominate an importer
  • Manufacturing or assembling products in the foreign country by either setting up a business or by acquiring a foreign subsidiar
  • Toll manufacturing agreement
  • Licensing a local producer
  • Entering into a joint venture with a foreign entity
  • Appointing a franchisee in the foreign country

Trade channels are on the move and adapt themselves to market conditions and the requirements of the two parties that have to be linked. Therefore national or international sale and trade begins with the drafting of well-balanced contracts reflecting the parties’ intention and containing appropriate guarantees and enforcement clauses.

Furthermore, there are often important aspects of regulatory compliance, competition, consumer protection and private international law to be taken into account.

Besides distribution, one may look into the possibility of setting up a franchise business model in a domestic or cross border market. The trade and distribution area of support assists companies and individuals to manage the risks and maximize the opportunities associated with the increasing regulation of international trade in goods and services.

A-Law international law firm provides due diligence, legal review, contract and regulatory compliance, advisory and litigation services for all forms of sale, trade, agency, distribution and franchise in Belgium, Europe and international markets in matters of:                                   

  • Commercial Law
  • Trade Law  
  • Regulatory compliance : see also service on investments
  • Competition Law and Antitrust Law    
  • Distribution law
  • Agency law
  • Licensing and franchising Law Belgium, Europe and international
  • Selective distribution
  • Exclusive distribution
  • Toll manufacturing 
  • Contract Law       
  • International Private Law  
  • Consumer Protection Law B2C
  • Consumer protection on B2B level           
  • Other

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