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A-LAW INTERNATIONAL LAW FIRM is a Belgian law firm providing local, European and international legal services. A-Law's Belgian Headquarters is located at Vlaamse Kaai 76, 2000 Antwerp, Belgium.

A-LAW INTERNATIONAL LAW FIRM developed from a niche practice in the logistics and transportation area of law into a successful multi-disciplinary law firm with an outward-looking European and international focus.

A-LAW INTERNATIONAL LAW FIRM offers legal services to individuals, authorities, associations, small and medium enterprises, as well as large corporations. We represent clients across a range of sectors, including trade and distribution, franchise and retail, transport and logistics, insurance, real estate and construction, professional services, technology, media, telecommunications, FMCG, manufacturing, agriculture, machinery and technology, life sciences and healthcare, textiles, art and fashion, interior design, chemical, pharmaceutical, energy, public sector and infrastructure.

A-LAW INTERNATIONAL LAW FIRM specializes in providing comprehensive guidance and advise on all legal and business aspects of Belgian, European and international legislation. Our lawyers help clients on a diverse range of topics including sales, trade (distribution, agency, franchise), investment projects (establishment of new corporate entities, M&A, JV, PPP), investment immigration, regulatory compliance (including audits), debt recovery, dispute resolution (including litigation, liability and compensation claims), traffic and transport regulations, real estate and construction, public procurement, EU funded projects, and private matters.

A-LAW INTERNATIONAL LAW FIRM features a multi-disciplinary team of Belgian and international legal professionals with in-depth knowledge of the legal systems of a variety of jurisdictions including Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Austria, UK, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Poland, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, Turkey, Brazil, China, Colombia, Peru, Chili, Russia and CIS, Georgia, Belarus, Latvia, South Africa, the United States, Lebanon, Vietnam, Ghana, the Gambia, New Zealand, Australia, Iraq and more.

Our legal expertise is available through our Belgian offices in Antwerp, Ghent and Brussels, and our international representative offices and/or licensed offices in Europe, China, Vietnam, the Americas, Australasia and Africa.

A-LAW INTERNATIONAL LAW FIRM has been nominated on multiple occasions for recognition at the Belgian Legal Awards, an award program recognizing Belgium’s best law firms and attorneys.  A-Law is the nominated legal partner of the Jiangsu Chamber of Commerce, Benelux.

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