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Insurance law

Good management of personal or company assets requires constant reflection on the risks to be covered through insurance policies and the applicable domestic and international insurance law. If insured, most insurance policies will provide coverage for legal aid and defense costs and will settle A-LAW attorneys fees and costs directly.

Certain types of insurance might be compulsory according to local or international laws. The Belgian and in particular Antwerp insurance industry is highly developed.

It enjoys international recognition and regularly launches innovative products. A-LAW Attorney’s partners have broad experience and expertise in advising and guiding clients with regard to the wide range of insurance products, both maritime and non-maritime, short-term or long-term.

We can assist you in the prevention phase (insurance audit) and litigation or arbitration and alternative dispute resolution. In doing so, we take into account both legal and business aspects of the matter.

Furthermore, specifically adapted software permits insurers, brokers and companies to outsource their risk and claim management or run-off management to A-LAW international law firm.

We will advise them on a regular basis of the legal and financial implications of the outstanding claim reserves enabling the parties to negotiate the premium vs claims ratios with the full knowledge of their insurance situation.

A-LAW international law firm Antwerp, provides research (due diligence), legal advisory and litigation services for insurance claims and defense before the courts in Belgium, Europe and the international markets in which we are active in matters of: 

  • Insurance Law  
  • Legal aid   
  • Legal aid particularly for traffic infringement, traffic incident and traffic finese (see also area of support traffic law)
  • Subrogation and recourse 
  • Institution of claims and defense under insurance policy (Liability and object insurance)
  • Risk and run-off management   
  • Insurance compliance audit  
  • Other


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