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Why trade with or invest in New Zealand or Australia?

Despite their geographical distance from other markets, New Zealand and Australia are both well-performing and open globalized economies. Both countries have flexible labour markets, low levels of corruption and business-friendly taxation regimes. In 2017 the World Bank ranked New Zealand first in its “ease of doing business” rankings, while Australia was ranked 15th in the same report.  The Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development expects both countries to have economic growth of around 3% in the 2017-2018 period.

New Zealand and Australia have very close economic and cultural ties. As former British colonies, they share an English-style common law system. A benefit for potential investors is the ongoing commitment by both countries’ governments to create a seamless common Australasian business market and harmonise regulations. Australia and New Zealand have strong biodiversity protections for their natural environments, and potential investors should be aware of unique regulations affecting food, agriculture and other flora and fauna related products.  

Both New Zealand and Australia maintain high levels of immigration to support their economic growth and encourage entrepreneurial business migration and residency for investors and their families.

A-LAW INTERNATIONAL LAW FIRM can offer clients guidance on a variety of Australasian business and legal issues including commercial law, dispute resolution, intellectual property, regulatory and compliance issues, trade and investment and immigration.

A-LAW INTERNATIONAL LAW FIRM is headquartered in Antwerp, Belgium and strongly believes in the importance of cultural differences in the world of business and law.

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