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A-Law attorneys-at-law | International Law Firm Belgium | investment and trade | legal advice | regulatory compliance | dispute resolution Belgium “Belgium is the best remedy against patriotism” - Geert Van Istendael

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A-Law | International Law Firm Belgium has offices in Antwerp, Brussels and Ghent

Why trade with or invest in Belgium?

Belgium has a globalized open economy where more than 80% of GDP is exported.  It is the logistic heart of (Western) Europe and historically a crossroad of Roman and German culture.  The regional differences in Belgium make it the ideal market for innovative products to be tested and launched on the European market. 

Thanks to Belgium’s open and European oriented economy, the Belgian market development is the leading indicator for the European economy.  Belgium has a heavily services- oriented market. Currently strong markets are in the field of logistics, chemicals, renewable energy and ICT including robotics.

Belgium most important import and export partners are the neighbor countries:  the Netherlands, Germany and France. 

These markets are equally represented within A-Law international law firm team enabling a comparitive analysis of the legal and business environment.

A-Law | international law firm will assist you with the introduction of your project with the regional representatives of the country and cities with whom we are in regular contact.

Some legal particularities of Belgian law and the Belgian legal system

Belgium has always been pioneer for EU law implementation.  Research on Belgian legislation should involve both federal and regional level.

The knowledge of the federal law remains important as it might give rise to specific legislation such as:

  • legislation on concession or exclusive distributorship;
  • tax ruling system whereby the investor can obtain law surety on all taxation aspects with regard to the envisaged project for a certain period of time:
  • protective mediation legislation if appealed upon recognized mediators, mediation agreement becomes executive title;
  • specific procedures for obtaining license as carrier /forwarder;
  • specific legislation on debt recovery: letter of default sent by a Belgian attorney will interrupt the time-bar.

In the field of economic or investment and business immigration there is a flexible system for the successful entrepreneur to immigrate to Belgium when the investment gives rise to economic benefits on the regional level, although the legislation remains federal.

International law firm Belgium

A-LAW Belgium multi-disciplinary and experienced team of Belgian and foreign attorneys-at-law welcome all clients in need of due diligence, regulatory compliance, advisory, business and litigation services with regard to its legal issues in Belgium.  Investment projects, international trade, distribution, commercial agency, and franchise projects as well as commercial cooperation with Belgian counterparts are key to our law firm practice.  Guiding foreign investors into the Belgian corporate, commercial, competition, insurance and bank regulations, license requests and public procurement policies may constitute a challenge on its own.

A-Law | international law firm Belgium has built up this expertise as well as provided multiple business and legal services to companies active in a wide variety of sectors and areas of support.  A dedicated migration and private matters desk assists individuals and companies seeking to immigrate and develop their business in Belgium, obtain expatriate status, work permit or professional cards, as well as individuals confronted with a private issue.

A-LAW lawyers Belgium client portfolio comprehends small to medium sized companies, large companies, authorities, non-profit associations, chambers of commerce, educational and cultural institutes, business associations and individuals.

For an overview of the sectors and countries A-LAW has assisted in and further information, click here.

A-Law attorneys-at-law | International Law Firm Belgium has offices in Antwerp, Brussels and Ghent.

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