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Traffic and Transport

The combined knowledge of traffic law and transportation law is of a significant nature when preparing for an optimal defense and accurate advise in traffic incidents.  This particular expertise within A-LAW has recognition within the related insurance sector.

The world of traffic, transport and logistics is a rapidly changing world where a balance between capital and return is required.   Transport and logistics is interrelated with every sale or transaction involving transfer of assets at distance. A-LAW International provides comprehensive legal support in the field of transport and shipping, storage and handling, import and export, customs and excise, liability and insurance claims, seizure and arrest of goods, vessels, traffic and so on.

Transport law and logistics law is familiar territory for A-LAW with one of the Managing Partner originating from the marine insurance industry, while others gained experience in the customs world and import and export business.

A-LAW provides focused advice on the legislations applicable to the different modes of transportation and on logistics: maritime, road, rail, inland waterways, air, courier, multimodal , supply chain, stock and transit, and this both on claims and  liabilities.  This comprehends the assessment of the related insurances as the Antwerp marine insurance policy, ICC cargo, hull & machinery, charterer liability, stock & transit, DSU (delay in start-up) and business interruption, Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) , Multimodal Transport Operator (MTO), ship construction, traffic law and so on.

Transport and logistics agreements know a wide variety of forms whereby the service levels are a differentiating factor as well as its tailor made approach.  Although agreements on transport and logistics need specific legal assessment, the knowledge of the underlying regulatory framework applicable to domestic and international sales, transfer of property and risk, the INCO terms and traffic law remain as important.

In the field of transport and logistics specific regulations, provisions, standard terms and conditions are applicable.  These relate to, amongst others, shortened prescription periods (also called time bar), limitation of liabilities, priority of compulsory legislation, validity of standard terms and conditions, and so on.

The term logistics is also wider than transportation.  Nowadays logistics include packaging, warehousing, material handling, production, assembling, inventory and the integration of information flow and exchange of data with the stakeholders.

The e-commerce and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Information Technology (IT) integration systems with the different stakeholders : consignor, consignee, forwarder, operator, customs, port  and so on, demand combined knowledge of the related legislations, and is available at A-LAW.    This new dimension in transport , traffic and logistics will lead to new legislation and efficiencies assessment in the context of competition law. 

In this respect A-LAW research on horizontal agreements between transport and logistic providers, joint production agreements, joint R&D and so on, deliver valuable insights.  A-Law provides research, due diligence, advisory and litigation services for transport, traffic and logistics related matters in Belgium, Europe and international markets in matters of:             

  • Transport law or transportation law
  • Traffic law
  • Logistics law
  • Shipping Law
  • Maritime Law
  • Road carriage law
  • Rail transport law
  • Air carriage law
  • Port and Port Development Law
  • Customs and Excise Law
  • (Marine and Non- Marine) Insurance Law
  • Public and Government Law
  • Traffic Law
  • Other

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