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A-Law focus op Nederlands recht naast Belgisch recht

legal news |
12 December 2017

Om de haverklap worden er seminaries georganiseerd waar de cultuurverschillen inzake zakendoen in België en Nederland uitvoerig worden toegelicht.   Dat dit terecht geschied, blijkt uit de actualiteit.

Sector policy update in the Gambia: energy, building and infrastructure

legal news |
14 November 2017

During our participation to the trade event organized by C&M Corporate & Management bvba from 4th till 8th of November 2017, we had the privilege to participate to the validation session of the new Policy for building and infrastructure of the Gambia in presence of the Minister of Roads, Wor

Termination of contract in case of insolvency of the other party

legal news |
12 October 2017

Lawyers often include ipso facto clauses in contracts whereby either party has the right to terminate the contract in case of insolvency of the other party.

Time to discover Gambia's potential for your product and/or service!

legal news |
06 October 2017

Time to discover GAMBIA’s potential for your product and/or service! Gambia, a new democracy with tremendous opportunities for foreign businesses.

Gambia, your hub to West Africa

legal news |
04 October 2017

Join us in November. A-LAW INTERNATIONAL LAW FIRM has further expanded its international reach with the launch of its Gambian Desk covering Gambian and Senegalese market.

Online platforms and the new challenges of antitrust law

legal news |
23 May 2017

1-Existing competition laws: competency and capacity Nowadays, online platforms have an important social and economic role in our daily life. This can be a positive sign of growing communication and services facilities as people are able to reach their request easier faster and with cheaper prices. 

Intellectuele eigendom en kosten octrooigemachtigde

legal news |
18 May 2017

Op 8 mei 2017 sprak het Hof van Beroep te Antwerpen zich uit over de zaak Rovi Guides tegen Telenet (UVP/Telenet).

What does Brexit mean and what are its impacts on the relation between Britain and EU?

legal news |
10 February 2017

After the referendum held on Thursday 23 June 2016, to decide whether the UK should leave or remain in the European Union… UK is leaving. Britain is exiting: Brexit!

Minimum Remuneration indexed to certain categories of employees of foreign nationality

legal news |
27 January 2017

Certain categories of foreign workers must be in possession of a B work  permit before they can be employed in Belgium. For certain categories of foreign workers there should exist a certain minimum salary. This was recently indexed for certain categories eg.

Etude globale sur l’ Investissement au Moyen Orient

legal news |
18 November 2016

A-Délimitation géographique et économique du Moyen Orient : Notre sujet porte sur l’investissement au Moyen Orient. Il serait dès lors utile de deviner ce terme, de délimiter ses contours géographiques et de présenter ses principales activités économiques.


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