Foreign investment | Foreign agencies for interim employment continue to settle down in Belgium, the way forward for labor mobility within the EU? | Dana Dobrin A-LAW International Law Firm

Foreign investment | Foreign agencies for interim employment continue to settle down in Belgium, the way forward for labor mobility within the EU?

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Although the procedure is cumbersome and national laws and regulations in the various collective labor agreements of the sectoral committees do not always correspond with European regulations, the sector of interim employment in Belgium continues to remain commercially and financially interesting for foreign investors.

The ability as a foreign employment agency to become authorized in Belgium in order to be allowed to engage in activities of temporary employment, put the subject of labor mobilitywithin Europe in a different perspective.

The foreign employment agency must comply with the Belgian rules on temporary work and the other Belgian social legislation concerning wages, working hours and the like

The foreign investor applying for authorization, need to consider the complexity and length of the procedure.

The procedure is different in Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia.

There are legally prescribed formal requirements, certificates, notifications and confirmations which have to be requested and delivered within the legal deadlines.

The legal guidance of the procedure by an expert lawyer is highly recommended.

Experience teaches us that - if the formal requirements are complied with and if the file is complete - the relevant government departments react promptly.

However, correct preparation of the file and the complete submission of same is not enough to obtain approval.

Once determined that the documentary record is in order, the relevant foreign employment agency shall be invited by the Advisory Committee on interim labor Activities of for example the Flanders region for a hearing.   

A-Law attorneys will assist the client with the preparation of the hearing and be present during same.

The committee should then advise on the appropriateness of the requested approval.

The final decision is taken by the regional Minister for Employment Policy.

The foreign investment department of A-Law Attorneys has successfully guided foreign investors in the sector of human resources and employment to set up and obtain authorization to deploy interim labor activities, including most recently a Romanian interim office.

The demand indicates that the sector of temporary labor and interim work remains commercially and financially interesting for foreign investors in Belgium.

Contact A-Law international law firm expert lawyer Patricia Leers for your legal questions relating to labor, employment, temporary labor, employment, recruitment, daycontracts, detachment, posting of workers, work permits and authorization of foreign service providers for their activities of temporary or interim work in Belgium.



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