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Marisa Scheepers

South African, Belgian
English, Dutch, African

Contact lawyer Marisa Scheepers for your legal questions and disputes concerning all aspects related to Belgian and European trade, contract and commercial cooperation, distribution and franchise, debt recovery, investment and employment in Belgium, Europe and South Africa.

After obtaining her law degree in South Africa, Marisa Scheepers gained extensive experience as an attorney-at-law in South Africa in the areas of corporate, trade and commercial law.

As Belgian attorney-at-law, Marisa is holder of a Master in European and International Law and specialized courses in international contract law.

Having been educated and trained in a mixed common law and civil law system, she has developed exquisite skills to draft contracts respecting the three C’s : clear, concise and concrete.

This expertise contributes to Marisa's affinity with the system of law of the UK, Australia and the majority of the English speaking African countries.

After obtaining her Belgian law degree and admittance to the Bar of Antwerp, attorney-at-law Marisa Scheepers is a member of A-Law attorneys due diligence team involved in M&A, joint-ventures (corporate and non-corporate), international contract, trade, distribution and franchise projects in Belgium, Europe and South Africa

Given her legal background, Marisa Scheepers assists South African Individuals and companies entering the Belgian, European or other markets as well as foreign individuals and companies exploring the South African Market and its particular corporate model based on BEE (black economy empowerment)

She further advises on international family law, succession and inheritance as well as in business emigration and immigration to and from South Africa and Belgium/Europe.

During her traineeship, Marisa has lived and worked in the US, which has contributed to a particular insight in the US legislative framework, the US emigration and immigration regulations, as well as providing at the same time privileged access to a personalized network of legal practitioners in the different states of the US.


Education and training: 
  • Attorney-at- law Belgium
  • Lawyer enrolled at the Ghent bar
  • Attorney-at - law South Africa
  • Masters of Law University Stellenbosch
  • Masters of Law University Leuven
  • Master of Laws in International and European Law, University Brussels 
  • Special course on international contract law
Areas of preference: 
  • Belgian Law
  • European law
  • International Law
  • South African Law
  • International Private Law
  • International contract law (horizontal and vertical commercial cooperation agreements)
  • International Family Law, succession and inheritance
  • Corporate and Business Law
  • South African Corporate, Business and immigration law  (BEE compliance)
  • Civil law
  • Common Law (South Africa, UK, US, Australia, English speaking African countries)
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • South African Law

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