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IP, IT and TMT Law

In a fast-moving technological world, the protection of know how, design, business inventions and business secrets is crucial. As free trade is widely stimulated, it can have some downsides such as the unauthorized forging and imitating of business inventions. A-LAW can assist you to maintain your competitive advantage by providing accurate advice on IP (Intellectual Property), IT (Information Technology) and TMT (Technology, Media and Telecommunication) Law. IP Law grants certain exclusive rights to inventions and creations like music, literature, design, trade names and so on. IT stands for Information Technology and is linked to everything that has to do with computer technology such as network, hard- and software, the Internet and so on.

Businesses must learn to protect their IT (Information Technology) as the Internet can also have leaks and computers and other telecommunications equipment can be hacked. TMT involves all aspect of Technology, Media and Telecommunication.

More specifically on Intellectual Property, A-Law International law firm and  A-LAW attorneys-at-law and lawyers Belgium have experience in Belgium, in Europe and international markets in matters of

  • Advising on Intellectual Property and trade secret protection
  • Drafting of NDA (non-disclosure) and confidentiality agreements.
  • Guidance on application proceedings for protection of trademarks, patents, models and copyright enforcement
  • Drafting of assignment, license and co-existence agreements
  • Assessment of ownership and royalty structure
  • Review of telecommunication and information technology related contracts and authorizations
  • Intellectual Property Law audit
  • Information Technology Law audit
  • Technology, Media and Telecommunication audit
  • Comparative overview of IP, IT and TMT legal systems in the countries targeted by the investor
  • Dispute resolution, mediation, arbitration, litigation

See also the aspects of corporate, business and economics, tax and finance, competition, accounting, logistics, labor and employment and so on

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